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We Are Drag

Natural Smoking Alternatives

Girl smoking Drag Pre roll in the woods

Let us be loud and clear. Smoking anything is injurious to health and so are Drag products. But all our products are 100% Tobacco-free, Nicotine free, Hemp free and full of love.

At Drag, we believe in providing natural, non-addictive smoking alternatives to people who are looking for a healthier and more mindful lifestyle. Our mission is to create premium herbal blends that offer a better alternative to traditional tobacco smoking.

Our products are made using 100% natural ingredients, which are carefully sourced from around the world to maintain the highest quality standards. We are committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly practices in every aspect of our business, from production to packaging. Our minimalist approach to packaging not only reduces waste, but also ensures that our products remain fresh and flavorful for longer.

Herbal blends have been used for centuries in many cultures around the world. They are known to provide a range of benefits, from relaxation and stress relief to improved respiratory health. At Drag, we are proud to be part of this tradition and to offer our customers a natural, non-addictive alternative to tobacco smoking.

Drag Herbal Pre rolls - Rose
Drag Herbal Smoking Blend - Vibe
Drag Herbal Pre rolls - Mint
Drag Herbal Smoking Blend - Dream
Drag Herbal Pre rolls - Original

Did you know ?

Cigarettes are typically made with a blend of tobacco and various additives, including chemicals to enhance flavor, burn rate, and other characteristics. On average, a single cigarette can produce more than 7,000 chemicals when burned !

Drag is 100% Additive-free, means no harmful chemicals for you.

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