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  • How to use these blends ?
    Our herbal smoking blends can be rolled up and smoked straight away. You can also add these blends to your favourite herb to enhance the flavour and make it burn longer.
  • What are blends made of ?
    All of our blends are made using a variety of Herbs and Flowers. Each packaging has it's herbs and flowers clearly mentioned on it.
  • Does it contain Nicotine?
    All Drag products are 100% free of Tobacco and Nicotine
  • Does it make me high?
    Drag products don’t contain any substance which would make a person high or have any psychosomatic effect.
  • Is Drag legal in my country ?
    Drag is 100% legal across all the major countries of the world including India, UK, USA, EU countries, Australia, etc.
  • Is it psychoactive?
    Drag products do not contain any psychoactive substance.
  • Is there an age limit for the product?
    Although there isn’t any age limit for the product, it is advised to be used by people over the age of 18.
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